2011 Inductees

2011 Crystal Feather Awards

Big Chief Romeo Bougere
Ninth Ward Hunters

Queen Mercy Stevenson
Wild Tchopitoulas

Special Recognition Awards

Jan “Mojo Mouth” Ramsey
Scribe Award

Barbara Lacen-Keller
Community Supporter Award

Big Chief Clarence Dalcour
Creole Osceolas
2011 Peace Chief
(Recognized for ceremonial release of doves to promote peace in our city)

Big Chief Brian Nelson
Guardians of the Flame
Writer and Director, Keeper of the Flame
Capturing the Spirit Award

State Senator Cynthia Willard-Lewis
Honorary Ambassador Queen

Jo Cool Davis
Living Musical Heritage Award

Jeffrey David Ehrenreich
Capturing the Flash Photographers’ Award

Andrew Wiseman
Drumbeat Award

Anastasia Shaw
Outstanding Volunteer

Benjamin Mark
Outstanding Youth Volunteer

Jordan Hirsch
Service Award