2012 Inductees

2012 Crystal Feather Awards

Big Chief Darryl Montana
Yellow Pocahontas

Big Queen Pauline “Ree” Johnson
Creole Wild West

Special Recognition Awards

Luther Gray
Community Supporter Award

Divine Prince Ty Enmecca
Cultural Preservationist Award:

National Lawyers Guild Legal Observers
Legal Eagle Award

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival for Curation and production of the Mardi Gras Indian Pavilion at the 2012 Jazzfest
Capturing the Spirit Award

Kichea Burt
Capturing the Flash Award

Vincent Sylvain, New Orleans Agenda
Scribe Award

John McCusker and Katy Reckdahl for the New Orleans Times-Picayune
Cultural Documentation Awards

Wesley Phillips
Spirit of Fi-Yi-Yi, Mandingo Warriors
Drumbeat Award

The McFadden, Dollis, Casby, and Banister families
It’s A Family Affair Awards

Lionel Paul “Uncle Lionel” Batiste
Lifetime Achievement Award for Music
(awarded prior to his death in July 2012)